The Czech Statistical Society



18.10.2012 in Bratislava held the seventh meeting of V6 group of national Statistical Societies. The meeting attended

  • Gejza Dohnal (president), Hana Řezanková (vice-president), Czech Statistical Society
  • Margit Epler (president), Joachim Lamel, Austrian Statistical Society
  • Josef Chajdiak (president), Peter Mach (vice-president), Ján Luha (secretary), Ĺudmila Ivančíková, Branislav Bleha, Karol Pastor, Slovak Statistical and Demographical Society
  • Lörinc Soós (president), Éva Laczka, Hungarian Statistical Association
  • Andrej Blejec (president), Slovenian Statistical Society (via Skype)

Colleagues from Romanian Statistical Society were excused. The meeting was introduced by Ĺudmila Benkovičová, president of Slovak Statistical Office.

Societies which were presented agreed Joint statement of the V6 societies 2012. Slovenian Statistical Society (whose representative has joined the part of the meeting via skype) offered to organize the V6 meeting next year. This offer was accepted with pleasure.

Participants also received a short leaflet about the Federation of European National Statistical Societies (see

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